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Bafrin Najib


حول Bafrin Najib:

First, I would like to impress my gratitude for reading my application.
I have been working with International Organization for Migration for more than
Four years. Being able to adapt with the rapid changes in the programs mandate
and methodologies, makes me the most qualified person for the job vacancy you
have announced.
Working as a national employee at UN Immigration agency for over 5 years have
opened a new horizon in my carrier life! The experience that I will bring makes me
the most qualified personal to handle and manage the tasks, as I am familiar with
all the mandates and responsibilities of social concerns , being a Protection focal
point for IOM for a year, I have been trained on Protection against Sexual
harassment and abuse alongside with my main duty as Program Assistant/ Case
manager in my first year at IOM.
Being a multitasking person, I have taken four different official duties in IOM in the
past five years, this quality has allowed me to gain experience and much knowledge
about humanitarian work and the aim for each program. every task management
comes with a greater responsibility, and most effectively representation for the
organization and its interests comparing with other international organizations,
the media, and the community.
 Many thanks.


International Organization of Migration - Sulaymaniyah
• TRU Data Portal Checkup for any Errors by Program Assistant, data Entered and giving 
relevant advice to Program Assistants to how insert correct information for each case. 
(all cases qualified and disqualified)
• TRU Data Portal Processing of beneficiary services
• TRU Data Portal entry / Processing of beneficiary logs (service status/ life cycle)
• Filling of Beneficiary relevant documents (forms, emails, attendance sheets, etc…) as 
advised by IM team in Amman and do backups on daily basis.
• Data/ information tracking from Portal reports.
• Information sharing: distribution of this information within the SO
• Insure data flow mechanism as advised in the Information flow diagram
• Act as focal person to report on the information saved, entered and tracked in the SO 
to others as requested by (Amman IM, HSO, PA’s , IM focal point in HUB etc…)
• Act as focal person for the quality of the data entered in the portal, and follow up on 
Data quality control procedures from Amman IM
• Give guidance / awareness of Portal capabilities which facilitate the RRU work, 
examples (what report is used to ensure RRU beneficiary eligibility/ vulnerability 
scoring? What report is used as a tracking sheet for the PA or HSO, what report shows 
the status of services/ Etc...)
• Act as focal person to advise Amman IM to design/Create other techniques and 
reports which support RRU work with justification
• Deliver training/support on IM role, IM flow, IM tools, and portal
• Advise related staff on bottlenecks / wrong practices and support when applicable to 
IM focal point duties.
Publication Information Management
➢ Taking Professional photographs of beneficiaries at Syrian Refugee camps
➢ Making Successful stories for different projects
➢ Conducting Meetings with NGO’s and Making Cooperative Proposal for International 
➢ Contacting Local Broadcasting TV stations on Live TV and preparing interviews
➢ Preparing The final Event Reports for Evaluation
Some of the Activities managed; for year 2017 - 2018
1- International Women’s Day with ASUDA NGO cooperation.; 
➢ Preparing Venue for International Events and contacting the International and 
National NGO’s with Governmental Representatives for Open Debate
➢ Decorating the perimeter and putting Visibility of IOM 
➢ Printing and preparing fliers and Uniform for all the participants with Logo of IOM
2- International Youth Day with YAO NGO cooperation
➢ Printing and preparing fliers and Uniform for all the participants with Logo of IOM
➢ Directing Staffs and managing the event


Sep 2009 – Jun 2012
University of Sulaymaniyah
College of Engineering | Sulaymaniyah
• B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering
✓ Assistant in Iraq Engineers union since 

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