Mustafa K. Ismael

Baghdad, Al Rusafa

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About me:

Lecturer and researcher with 15+ years of experience teaching courses in both
undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Supervised hundreds of Deploma
projects, many MSc. theses. Responsible for central labs in my department.
Published over 12 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Reviewer in prestigious


Academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (Ph.D.)

08/11/2009 – 06/08/2014     University of Technology, Iraq - Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department. Conjugate with Sabbatical leave to Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. 

Thesis: Fabrication of composite materials based on Aluminum-11wt. % Silicon with carbon nanotubes


Academic degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

01/11/2002 – 02/02/2006     University of Technology, Iraq - Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department

                        Thesis: Study the effect of Antimony modification on metallurgical and mechanical properties of Aluminum-Silicon alloys

Academic degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

01/11/1998 – 25/06/2002     University of Technology, Iraq - Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department

                        Project: Simulation of 2D-CNC milling machine by using complex algorithm.



Nanocomposite biopolymers rienforced with CNTs for water puri~cation
-Matrix involvement via graphene reinforced polymers and rubbers.
-Hydrophobic coating for marine applications
-Applied metal matrix nanocomposites using HVOF and Plasma spray (APS)
-Synthesis of silica nanoparticles / nanocomposite silica nanoparticles/ CNTs
-Enhance performance of lithium-ion battery, by boosting the electrical conductivity
of electrods by evolving nanocomposites materials.
-Electrophoretic deposition (EPD) to obtain CNTs with silica nanocomposite.
-Chitosan-silica nanocomposite for water treatment


• Teamwork
• Problem-Solving
• Leadership
Strategic planning and

• Delegating tasks
-Utilized work with softwares; ANSYS/ ABAQUS/ MATLAB/ SOLIDWORKS/
-Re-organized something to make it work better
-Identi~ed a problem and solved it
-Come up with a new idea that improved things
-Developed or implemented new procedures or systems
-Worked on special projects 

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