‘Irāq Sakrī al Fāliḩ, Amara District

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Currently looking for new opportunity within the security industry in hostile environment.


 Experienced & confident PSD team member with proven track record within the British Infantry & PSC in hostile environments both on Diplomatic and Commercial Contracts.

  Excellent background in training planning, preparation, and delivery. 

 Excellent client relations, ability to meet expectations and simultaneously execute live operations. 

 Calm, positive, problem-solving approach to any situation, proven track record.

  First class medical training which has been utilized in kinetic operational situations.

  Able to organize, motivate and successfully command a diverse audience.

  Proven military record throughout numerous operational theatres and training UK and overseas military entities. 

 Cultural awareness, with good leadership quality, managing team’s administration, training, and company policies.


A highly motivated astute and efficient security professional who always works to and achieves high health and safety standards. Considered to be a dynamic team player and one who motivates through leadership. I thrive under pressure and continually endeavour to improve my own performance and those around me by exceeding the expectations of my peers. I enjoy new challenges with increased accountability. I have a strong proven track record in delivering results and the execution of quality work. I work well under pressure, promptly to deadlines, and thrive with challenges. Client focused and can use initiative to execute tasks. Can demonstrate high levels of motivation and organization required to meet targets and deadlines within highly pressurized working environments. Possess excellent interpersonal skills and can communicate well at all levels. I am an enthusiastic, reliable, friendly, and hard-working individual with excellent people skills, developed through a range of professional experiences. I am now looking for a new challenge within the industry so I can bring my discipline, individual drive, commitment, and a first-class can-do attitude to delivering all work scopes safely and on time to a future employer.

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