jamal haji h J

jamal haji h

Qesirka, دهوك

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About me:

I am Jamal Haji . For many years I worked to build up my skills and experiences to be in reputed position with reputed organization or company. My short goal to get in reputed organization or company even I can use my skills and improve my experiences. And long goal to be in respectfully position. I will my best for everywhere that I work for it to keep my respectful and honest and also the place that I work for it. 


I have bachelor’s degree ,  graduated from biology department, college of science, university of Mosul in 2016-2017. 


I worked in Samaritan’s purse as medical interpreter for 2 years in Khanke . I worked in SOS Children Village Iraq organization as English trainer For 11 months. I worked in UNHCR as team leader for child protection for 2 years. I worked in Free Yazidi organization as trainer I provided job support . ……….

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