Hareth Abd alwahab

Hareth Abd alwahab

Baghdad, Al Rusafa

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About me:

My name is Hareth, 28 years old, i’m a pharmacist with experience of pharmaceutical industries 


Bachelor degree of pharmacy  


I‘ve had started to work during my study period, at first i work as R&D technician then i work as production supervisor for food supplements lines (from3/2015 to 3/2017) (Amman,Jordan)

Then i go to work with Itqan pharmaceutical company as production section head from (from 3/2017 to 3/2021) (Amman,Jordan)

Currently i’m working in Safa for pharmaceutical industries as a production section head and assistant manager production (from 3/2012 until now) (Baghdad,Iraq)


What kind of projects is Hareth Abd alwahab looking for?

Pharmaceutical industries 

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