Haitham Numan H

Haitham Numan

Al Baghdādī, Hīt District

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About me:

PR Professor, pollster, and executive director. His experiences include consulting, managing, public relations, public opinion, strategic communication, political communication, methodological survey design, and qualitative research. He has written three books on opinion polling, Arabic mass media, and Political Relations. He has more than 16 years of experience in media and consulting for public organizations. Numan’s writing focuses on the democratization of Iraq as well as public opinion studies. 



  • MA of Political Management, 2015 – 2017 | GSPM | The George Washington University, Washington, DC
  • Ph.D. of Public Relations | Baghdad University, 2005-2009. 
  • MA in Communication,2000-2003 | Baghdad University. 
  • Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, and Communication | Baghdad University



  • Pollster and Executive Manager, 2004-2012, managing a huge team and plaining for methodological projects managing data collection. I managed qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Election campaign advisor, 2010, Adviser to an electoral campaign in the 2010 Iraqi elections. The task was to train the candidates, crafting the media messages, and confront communication crises.
  • Media Monitoring Director at the GCC 2004-2005, Managing the Directorate's Media Monitoring Unit at the Government Communication Director in Iraq, Collaborated extensively with consultants from Adam Smith International (A British Consulting firm).
  • Journalist, and Editor-in-chief

Editor In Chief and worked for various types of publications, managing, watching the content produced for magazines and websites, and reviewing all content made, developing strategies and style guidelines.

  • The executive producer of the Radio programs at Dijla Radio Station, producing and managing journalists.2004 

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