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Falih Hassan

Falih Hassan

high experience in project QC and PM

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Baghdad, Al Rusafa
$20 / ساعة
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حول Falih Hassan:

A competent in Project management with excellent communication, organization and co-ordination skills. Possessing a proven track record of preparing and executing project plans and programs, ensuring that work is carried out in accordance with the companies’ procedures and client’s satisfaction.
 High experience in planning, Organizational development, organizational structure, and Business Process Re-engineering.
 Establishing service delivery standards in line with the organization goals, strategic aims and objectives.
 Good background of waste management, water plants, water treatment plants, desalination plants, and the water distribution network.
 Able to ensure timely, safe and cost effective design and implementation during the life cycle of projects from conception till customer satisfaction.
 Support and develop the communications and coordination with key stakeholders to ensure their effective participation during project implementation procedures
 Continuous coordination with the monitoring and evaluation team and giving feedback to taking corrective measures and ensure the progress and direction of program implementation progress
 I have been worked for many years as projects manager and Project consultant. Capability to effectively manage project scope, schedule and budget by ensuring changes to scope are documented and approved through the change management process.
 I have many training courses and certificates in PMP (Project Management professional V5 and V6), Project Scheduling, Risk Management, CQM (Contractor Quality Management), Document Control and Construction Safety Awareness.


The USAID-Funded/DAI/ IGPA/Takamul Project 2021 – June 2022
Provincial Environment Development BPR Expert
I am working with the Takamul (IGPA) project within the (TO6) team as a Provincial Environment Development BPR Expert for six targeted Iraqi governorates (Basra - Nineveh - Anbar - Babel - Najaf - Wasit).
The purpose of this project is Institutional Development of Provincial Environment Development and Protection Councils for these six governorates. My responsibility is:
• Conducting a preliminary assessment of the status of these councils in the governorates
• Organizational development, organizational structure and members of the Provincial Environment Development and Protection Councils.
• Establish sets of General Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), staffing plan, and organizational chart.
• Establish the internal system and bylaw related to the Provincial Environment Development and Protection Councils.
• Establish the capacity needs assessment, Standard Operating Procedures S.O.P. and the Environment Strategy work plans for these Councils.
The USAID-Funded/DAI/ IGPA/Takamul Project 2019- 2021
Business Process Re-engineering Expert and Consultant
I was worked with The USAID-Funded IGPA/Takamul Project as BPR Expert and Consultant for the services of (Water supply & Municipality (Solid Waste Management)) for ANBAR Governorate.
 Fallujah Water Center
 Ramadi Water Directorate
 Fallujah Municipality Directorate
The purpose of this project is to provide support to the local government of Anbar Province (Municipalities and Water centers) to introduce radical changes and rethinking in the implementation of administrative processes, organizational structure, information technology and workflow to achieve significant improvements in efficiency, quality and productivity.
USA Corps of Engineers 2016-2018
Senior Quality Assurance
Fiberpro and Iraco group 2015-2016
Site Manager

The project is (F-16 Support Facilities Package 6, Balad Air Base P2 403006 IQ-D-SAG F-16 Bed Down Package 6) at the Balad Air Base. (This project includes the construction of twelve buildings with required facilities. The main buildings are Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, Fuel Cell Maintenance, Squadron Headquarter, Hydrazine Facility, and Missile Maintenance Facility with other facilities buildings.
My responsibilities are:
 Responsible for monitoring and maintaining quality and compliance targets.
 Monitoring and auditing of products to ensure high standards of quality.
 Ensuring products comply with legislation and quality assurance codes.
 Ensuring that all QA Tests are carried out on time and in full. Delivering presentations to an audience of Manager Level within the business.
 Provide weekly and monthly reports to senior managers on performance.
 Making sure that all QA records, data & information are available to managers.
 Arranging the repair of any QA / related equipment that is malfunctioning.
 Ensuring non-conforming products are identified and placed on restriction.
 Responsible for the review and update of the program quality plans.
 Awareness of regulatory requirement and customer service expectations.
 Ensuring activities in the quality plan are carried out.
 Coordinating the investigation of customer complaints.
 Identify training needs and recommendations to improve customer experience.
 Keeping quality documentation up to date.
 Preparing and analyzing information for the purpose of Management Review.
The project is to build Babylon Mall in Baghdad. My responsibilities are:  Provide high level customer service and ensure compliance to all company’s rules and regulations.  Ensure customer satisfaction by responding to customer enquiries in responsive manner.  Manage daily on-site operations such as headcount, check-ins of employees to ensure staff’s availability during working hours.  Train all temporary employees and new hired staff in line with company policies and procedures.
 Organize business review meetings with clients to improve performance continuously and qualitatively.  Monitor all company activities and ensure compliance with company procedures and policies.  Recruit, train and induct employees to achieve and maintain designed staffing pattern.  Organize and conduct interviews and perform background investigation and provide onsite tests to all prospective employees.  Coordinate with supervisors and management to plan activities for higher productivity on production site.  Develop and maintain relationship with management and supervisors to resolve employee issues, concerns and grievances as per existing company policy.  Develop ways to retain all employees through motivation and encouragement.  Manage employee pool by hiring, retaining or terminating of same, evaluate performance and counsel employees to improve performance.
Abraj Al-Yakoot Company 2013-2015
Site Manager
In this project I was worked as Site and QC manger to build the building of (STUDENT DORMITORIES FOR MALE / BAGHDAD UNIVERSITY). This project included to build four tower buildings with all required utilities and car parking, library, studying halls, meeting rooms - sports fields, restaurant and gardens
Ibn-yakteen Company 2011-2013
Quality Control Manager
This project is to Design and Construct two big Military personnel buildings for the General Directorate of Counter Terrorism (GDCT). The project included to build many buildings with all the required utilities in addition to establish a locally electrical substation, water distribution substation and fuel station.
 Provide orientation to employees in terms of company values and culture to affiliate employees as per organizational requirement.
USA Corps of Engineers 2005-2011
Project Engineer and Senior Quality Assurance
FLUOR Company 2004-2005
Senior Planner Engineer
 Senior Planner Engineer for operation and maintenance of all facilities in the Victory Base (Air Port) in Baghdad. My responsibilities are:
a. Gathers and evaluates data for various planning duties review of the general plan.
b. Prepares and assembles maps, tables, charts, and reports on planning projects
c. Planning the work orders and to make planning reports.
d. Make estimation schedules for costs, required materials and plan of works.
e. Make planning reports for the mechanical works “HVAC, Generators, and Plumbing”.
f. Manage the help desk office which responsible to create the work orders for operation and maintenance orders in Victory Base.
 Project Engineer and Senior Quality assurance for these projects:
a. SCADA project (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), this project is to install communication systems in electrical substations and connected these substations with main control plant for about 65 electrical substations & power plant (132KV & 400 KV).
b. Renovation for Al-Baath petrol station in Al-Amerya city in Baghdad.
c. Renovation for Al-karkh maternity hospital. The works included civil, mechanical, electrical works as well as repairing and maintenance for Chillers plants.
d. Renovation to AL-Qudous Boys High School. The works included civil, mechanical, electrical, agricultural works as well as installing new HVAC works.
e. AL-Rahman Mosque 11KV Distribution Project. The works include installed new underground H.V. cables with installed new transformers and bus bar distribution boards.
f. New Overhead Distribution in M210 Project. The works include installed new overhead H.V. cables with installed new transformers and towers.
g. Water network project in Al-Amerya city Mahalla 630. The works include excavating channels, laying iron ductile with different sizes with fitting, connect the house connections, burying the excavated channels and paving works for (19500 M)
h. Water network project in Al-Amerya city Mahalla 632. The works include excavating channels, laying iron ductile with different sizes with fitting, connect the house connections, burying the excavated channels and paving works for (17750 M).
i. Al Zaidan Water Station 11 KV Feeder project for 8 kilometers.
j. Addition and Refurbishment of the Abo Garib IP Station.
k. Construct Abu Graib Signal Warehouse.
l. Al Khadra Police Station Refurbishment.
m. Design and Construct Al Mamoon Exchanging &Tele communication Center.
n. Complete Construction for building of Wazeriya National Training Center


Certificates and Training Courses
 B.Sc. of Mechanical Engineering (University of Technology) (1979-1983)
 B. Sc. of Computer Science (Baghdad University). (1996-2000)
 Certificate for training course of Project Management Professional (PMP) Preparation Course (35 Hours) (version 5)
 Certificate for training course of Project Management Professional (PMP) Preparation Course (41 Hours) (version 6)
 Certificate for training course of Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) - 30 PDUs
 Certificates in Construction Quality Management (CQM) by (USACE)
 Certificate in Primavera program (Project Scheduling) by (Computer Center/ Baghdad University)
 Certificate in General Industry, owing to OSHA American Standards (30 Hours)
 Certificate in Contraction Industry, owing to OSHA American Standards (30 Hours)
 Certificates in Construction Safety Awareness Training by (USACE)
 Training Course in AutoCAD program.
 Training Course on Preventive and Maintenance Control program (PMC)
 Training Courses in English Language (Baghdad University)
 Training Courses in HVAC plants from Linda Company.
 Training course in 6 Sigma Green Belt.
 Training course in Introduction to Quality Management.
 Training course in Operation Management.

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