Adil Hamza

Adil Hamza

Basrah, Basrah District

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About me:

I worked as Campboss for six years and then become Senior campboSS for 2 years tuning big camp with 569 rooms and 2 dining facilities with more than 850 employees and 200 contractors in Oilserv and Cpecc North and south Rumaila .

promoted to be deputy base Manager and then  Facilitate and logistics Manager


Pass graduated of English Language,college of languages  .University Of Baghdad.



2008-2010 administrative (TMG)Baghdad 

2010-2012 liaison Office Manager (SOC) Baghdad

2012-2013 camp manager(Cpecc) South Rumail a Basra

2013-2016 Campboss (Oilserv)North Rumaila  Basra

2016-2019 Senior Campboss(Oilserv)North Rumaila -Basra

2019-2020 Base Manager (Oilserv) North Rumaila Basra

2020-2021 logistic &Facilities  Manager (OILSERV) North Rumaila Basra 

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